Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is adapted to the rapidly changing pregnant body. The pregnancy pillow makes it possible to enjoy treatment lying on the belly during parts of the treatment. My pregnancy massage is always individually adapted, each session starts with a quick chat about your personal needs and wishes. The purpose of the massage is often relaxation and recreation, but I also provide relief and advice on some common pregnancy related issues such as; pelvic pain, lower back problems, pregnancy induced sciatica and circulatory issues.

I welcome all pregnant women, you may visit me in the very early weeks as well as in very late pregnancy, or even postpartum.

Pregnancy massage is a way of boosting your own oxytocin. Oxytocin plays a major part during labour and beyond, and every time we stimulate the system of oxytocin, it gets it easier to later produce oxytocin. Through stimulation we keep the system awake and alert! Thus, massage during pregnancy is an excellent (and highly enjoyable) way of preparing for birth.

You find me in Björkhagen, just a couple of minutes south of Södermalm. For bookings please visit Kroppsverkstan Yogarummet . Choose Clara Nelzén as "utövare".