It was a bit of a coincidence that we chose to have a doula at the birth of our second son.  We didn't really know what a doula was before I red the book "Give Birth Without Fear". Our first birth was uncomplicated and a good experience, but when we expected our second child I felt that I wanted to prepare a little more than with what you get from the ordinary maternity services, and therefore borrowed books on childbirth at the library. I wanted to be more present during the birth and be able to feel that I was more in charge than I had been during the first birth. "Give Birth Without Fear" made a huge impression on me. I felt that it was exactly what I was looking for and there and then the thought of having a doula came. When covid-19 strarted to rise in society the fear of birthing alone grew stonger.  We decided to contact a doula and found Clara's website. Both I and my husband liked her presentation and we booked an initial meeting. We felt straight away that Clara was the person for us. Our impression of her was that she was an earthbound, calm, warm, safe and knowledgeable person with birth as a great passion. We were so pleased with the whole doula package. The preparations, the massage, the presence during birth gave us a lot and felt like a great treat. During this journey with our second son I've learnt so much about myself, about physiology the physche, and about how important it is to feel safe. Clara has been a great part of that and I am happy I chose her to join our journey. The birth became that nice, lovely and exiting experience that I wanted it to be. Clara's support was like a warm hug through the process. During the labour it made a huge difference, the pain was differnt when I got the support I wanted. The contractions felt meaningful and it felt as if every contraction did good. My husbands' experience was that he got help in being the calm support he wanted to be. I would really recommend every parent to be to look into having a doula, because it really offers you so much more. For us, it was worth it and I really wishes more people had the birth experience I had . I am convinced that Clara's presens and support made a difference both physically and emotionally. 

Thank you Clara for your support and for everything you do!!!

/ Ann-Sofie

Clara, I often think about you and the sense of calm and safety you gave us when we gave birth to S. In a way you were there and birthed all three of us into safety, me and M as parents and S as our child. I am so greatful for the closeness you gave me during those intense hours. 

/ Sara

We thought of you a lot and on how fantastic your support was a year (already!)  ago when our second child was born, and you were a part of the journey. We feel very grateful and I can still feel the space you gave me - thank you Clara! 


To be first time parents is always bewildering, but to become parents in the middle of a pandemic resulted in even more insecurity. To have Clara as doula gave us the safety and tools to trust each other and the body both before, during and after birth.

/ Evelina and Fredrik

Wir hatten uns für eine Doula zur Unterstützung der Geburt unseres ersten Kindes entschieden, da aufgrund von Covid-19 keine Vorbereitungskurse stattfanden und wir uns deshalb nicht optimal vorbereitet fühlten. Clara hat uns sehr gut über alle Aspekte rund um die Geburt aufgeklärt, unsere Vorstellungen ernst genommen und diese genau mit uns besprochen. Zusätzlich hat sie uns Übungen/Massagetechniken an die Hand gegeben, die zu Hause in der Latenzphase mit dem Partner durchgeführt werden können. Beides war sehr hilfreich und die Geburt war für uns alle drei ein einmaliges und schönes Erlebnis. Im Nachhinein können wir eine Doula nur jedem empfehlen, unabhängig von Covid-19. Clara hat herausragende Arbeit geleistet, wofür wir ihr sehr dankbar sind.

/Jasmin und Alexander