About me

My name is Clara and I live in Björkhagen, south of Stockholm together with my husband and our three children. I've been fascinated with birth for a long time, and maybe not so surprisingly, my interest grew even stronger when I was expecting my first child. Thereafter I was stuck - I couldn't leave the world of birth and simply had to become a birthworker.

My hope is that all women can experience positive birthing, which can be both strengthening and very healing. Hopefully, the birth becomes a found memory to return to, over and over again. 2018 I finally attended the doula education by ODIS (Swedish Organization for Doulas and Birth Educators) and FUR (Give Birth Without Fear, by Susanna Heli). Since 2020 I am also one of ODIS' certified doulas. Working as a doula, I find myself being on the exact spot where I want to be, I get to work professionally with my passion and provide families with continuous support. That is truly a blessing.

I believe in the importance of continuous education. I therefore regularly seek to attend relevant courses. Currently, I am further educated within Spinning Babies, oxytocin, pregnancy massage, crisis support in obstetrics and neonatology, acupressure for birth workers, rebozo techniques and childbirth physiology.  I offer my services in Swedish, English and German.