The doula package contains:

Meetings before birth:

We meet at your home and talk about your wishes and thoughts. We talk about physiological birth and expectations on labour. How do you wish to give birth? Are there any fears? I explain the Confident Birth tools, and together we try some of the things me and/or the partner might use as comfort measures during labour and pregnancy. Normally, we meet at least twice.

Pregnancy massage:

We meet once more in your home for a relaxing massage session, with the purpose of boosting the oxytocin as well as relieving any pain and/or discomfort in late pregnancy.

On call service and back up doula:

Normally, I am on call from ten days before due date until the baby is born (unless otherwise agreed). This means that I am prepared to cancel all my other activities, day and night, in order to attend the birth. I cooperate with other doulas, one other doula is always back up for each client. The back up doula usually attend one of the meetings. The parents can feel confident of receiving good support during birth, in all cases.

Week 41+ meeting:

I usually offer one extra meeting sometime during week 41+, or if an induction is planned within the next days for some other reason (for instance if the membranes rupture without contractions). I then offer labour inducing acupressure, relaxation with the purpose of getting the oxytocin flowing and exercises for optimizing the baby's position.

Support during labour:

Presence and support from the point of you needing me (we meet up either at home or at the hospital), until the baby is born.

Postpartum visit:

Together we go through the memories of birth. The meeting postpartum is a time for reflection and remembering. It is also a time for tying everything together and saying goodbye. When needed, I also give advice on and help with; breastfeeding, baby carrying and life with small babies.

Price:  9 000 SEK including VAT. I accept individual payment solutions.

Before you book, we meet without any costs, in order for us to get to know each other a little. We talk about birthing with the support of a doula and you get an impression of me and my work. Thereafter you may take your time to decide whether you want to continue or not.


Birth preparation in your home where we talk about oxytocin, the Confident Birth tools and together try out some of the tricks and techniques that the partner may use during labour. We talk about normal labour, hospital routines, your wishes and how to best achieve them. I can also give advice about movements for optimal positioning of the baby in the pelvis. 

Price: 1 600 SEK including VAT


I offer pregnancy massage at Kroppsverkstan between Hammarbyhöjden and Björkhagen. Please get in touch for more information and booking!